2019 Marketing Trends — Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is all about presenting the same information in new and interesting ways in order to extend your outreach and breathe life back into work you’ve already completed. Not only does this save time in the long-run — as hopefully you’ve already done the homework and sourced a range of juicy facts — but repurposing evergreen content will keep you in the limelight.

That said; many marketers are not yet recycling content to their advantage. According to a survey by Curata, only a third of leading marketers said that they have a systematic process in place to reuse or repurpose content. 56% said repurposing was sporadic with 2% not repurposing content at all. Content repurposing is more than giving old ideas a new packaging and has many benefits other than cost reduction.

Making the Most of Content Creation

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Once a company has made this investment, it can continue to reap benefits from it with little additional effort. That’s the power of repurposing! While this is the reason driving the growing use of content repurposing, there are two other major benefits.

Targeting a New Audience

Targeting Different Communication Platforms

Enjoy a more holistic online presence and increase your outreach by getting content repurposed for different platforms.

What Kind of Content is Great for Repurposing?

Evergreen Content

Popular Content

After identifying content that can be reused, you’ll need to figure out how much effort is involved in its repurposing. Some may need simple tweaks, like updating outdated stats or links. Others may need a little more work, like editing or deleting irrelevant parts and giving it a makeover.

Ideas for Repurposing Content

Old Blog Posts to Guides

Convert Webinars into a Video Series

Visual Content to Pinterest Boards

Slideshows to Infographics

Statistics into Tweets

Blog Posts to Podcasts

Contentworks is a content marketing agency that’s all about understanding your brand, telling your story and achieving your goals — unless you want to climb Everest. We analyse your existing content marketing efforts, strategise and create managed content marketing plans that don’t tie up your precious resources..

Contentworks is a content marketing agency that's all about telling your story and achieving your goals. Unless you want to climb Everest.