3 Awesome Women-Led Public Companies To Watch In 2021

Happy International Women’s Day! We’re dedicating today’s trading preview to all of the incredible women in finance. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough space to write about all of the amazing women pushing our great industry forward. But that’s only because there are so many of them.

We’ll pick 3 to focus on, before giving you our usual rundown of the most important events coming up this week.

Celebrating Female Pioneers

Let’s have a look at 3 women-led publicly listed companies..

1. Whitney Wolfe Herd — Founder and CEO of Bumble, Inc.

An American entrepreneur, Whitney Wolfe Herd is the founder and CEO of social-dating network, Bumble. She also held executive positions at Bumble rival, Tinder.

Bumble has been in the headlines for all the right reasons of late, as the company held an IPO, becoming publicly listed on the 10th of February. Which was a red-letter day for Herd, herself, as this listing made her the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire.

The company raised $2.2 billion from investors for the IPO, with shares starting at $43. Bumble was valued at around $8 billion at the time and share price hit $78.89 shortly after, before slumping back down.


Source: Google

Herd is also the youngest ever woman to take a company public, and that makes her a true pioneer and a great start to our list.

2. Corie Barry — CEO, Best Buy

Best Buy is a super-well known US-based home electronics retailer. Back in 2019, the company selected Corie Barry as its next CEO, following 20 years of service in the American retail giant. Talk about a tough year to get the top gig!

Barry had to oversee a major shift in consumer behaviour, with many forced to move from physical store shopping to filling their online baskets in the wake of pandemic lockdowns.

Barry has already had a significant impact on the company’s diversity. She has input policies that state that 1 in 3 corporate positions will be filled by someone of BIPOC heritage (black, Indigenous and people of colour); and 1 in 3 roles across the company will be filled by a female employee.

Stock-wise, she’s had a mammoth influence. During her time as CEO, BBY has grown by 61.40%, from $63.72 to $102.85.

BBY, 12 months

Source: Google

Corie Barry is the perfect example of a female leader that has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on almost all aspects of her company. Truly remarkable.

3. Mary Barra — CEO, General Motors

General Motors, founded in 1908, is one of the largest companies on the planet — it’s currently number 18 on the Fortune 500 list. A lot of its success over the last 5 years is down to its dynamic and extremely effective CEO, Mary Barra.

Barra was the first woman to become CEO of an automobile company. She worked her way up in the company, joining when she was just 18. She’s been ranked among the world’s most powerful women by both Forbes and Fortune.

Barra halted the manufacturing of unpopular vehicles like sedans in 2019, putting more focus on more domestically popular truck production and development. Elsewhere, Barra has cut ties with Europe and is growing GM’s presence in a hungry Chinese market.

GM stock has risen by 39.24% since Mary Barra took over as CEO, which is considerably better than most of the company’s contemporaries.

GM, 12 months

Source: Google

Happy International Women’s day

These are just 3 names we picked out, but there are so many women to be proud of, including:

● Gail Koziara Boudreaux — CEO, Anthem (ANTM)

● Carol Tomé — CEO, United Parcel Service (UPS)

● Phebe Novakovic — CEO, General Dynamics Corp. (GD)

● Tricia Griffith — CEO, Progressive Corp. (PGR)

● Kathy Warden — CEO, Northrop Grumman Corp. (NOC)

● Lynn Good — CEO, Duke Energy Corp. (DUK)

● Barbara Rentler, CEO — Ross Stores (ROST)

To all female founders, CEOs, traders, investors, leaders and pioneers — wherever you are, we’re celebrating you. Not just today, but every day!

What’s on the trading agenda this week?

Here are all of the events for your weekly trading radar:

Monday 8 March

No major events planned

Tuesday 9 March

● JPY — GDP Growth Annualised Final (Q4)

● EUR — GDP Growth Rate QoQ + YoY 3rd Est (Q4)

Wednesday 10 March

● AUD — Westpac Consumer Confidence Index (MAR)

● CNY — Inflation Rate YoY (FEB)

● USD — Core Inflation Rate YoY (FEB) & Inflation Rate YoY (FEB)

● CAD — Bank of Canada Interest Rate Decision

Thursday 11 March

● CNY — New Yuan Loans (FEB)

● EUR — ECB Interest Rate Decision

Friday 12 March

● GBP — GDP 3-Month Avg (JAN) & GDP YoY (JAN)

● CAD — Employment Change (FEB) + Unemployment Rate (FEB)

● USD — Michigan Consumer Sentiment Prel (MAR)

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