3 Finance Conspiracies That Might Come True

#1 The Great Reset

In June 2020, King Charles III (then the Prince of Wales) launched an initiative calling for the Covid pandemic to be seen as a chance for what he called a Great Reset for the global economy.

King Charles III and New World Order advocate Klaus Schwab in 1992 at the World Economic Forum

#2 Cashless Society For Digital Control

Like most “conspiracy theories”, this one has some basis in fact. During the height of lockdowns, governments around the world set about dissuading citizens from using cash. Paper money, exchanged by hand, was portrayed as an easy way to transfer all kinds of bacteria.

#3 The US Bullion Depository is empty

Fort Knox, a US army military base in rural Kentucky, is supposed to contain around half of the US’ gold reserves. The vault is supposed to house approximately 497,000 gold bars, with a combined weight of about 6,190 tons. Today, that amount is worth an incredible $278 billion.

Did we miss one?

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Top trading events week commencing 26.09.22

There’s a fair bit going on this week, here’s when and where you need to tune in.


● JPY — BoJ Kuroda Speech


● USD — Durable Goods Orders MoM (AUG); CB Consumer Confidence (SEP)


No major events are scheduled.


● USD — GDP Growth Rate QoQ Final (Q2)


● CNY — NBS Manufacturing PMI (SEP)



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