3 Ice Cream Stocks to Melt Over This Summer

The crème de la crème

Here are the top 3 ice cream stocks that you might like the taste of right now…

#1 Nestle

Nestlé are a controversial pick due to their general public unpopularity over food and water scandals around the world. But this is the world of finance and their stocks are in our top 3. Nestlé owns Dreyer’s and recently sold its US Hagen Dazs’ business to Froneri — a joint venture that it owns with PAI Partners. Top-selling Nestlé sub-brands, such as KitKat and Toblerone also have popular ice cream products. This all makes the chocolate-maker a mega ice cream incorporated.

#2 Unilever

The monster UK-based conglomerate boasts a portfolio of hundreds of household brands, particularly in the home-cleaning sector, but also many foodstuffs, including that cheeky, premium (it’s really expensive in case you hadn’t noticed) ice cream fave — Ben & Jerry’s.

#3 General Mills

That Hagen Dazs joint-venture we mentioned above covers the US and Canada only, the global licence to sell one of the world’s most popular brands of ice cream is held by General Mills. * He’s not related to Colonel Sanders — we Googled it.

Your turn!

What’s your favourite ice cream flavour? Which of these stocks do you think will perform best in the second half of 2022? Tweet us at @_contentworks!

Top fundamental events this week

Here are all of the main events coming up this week.


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● AUD — Westpac Consumer Confidence Index (JUL)


● AUD — Employment Change (JUN); Unemployment Rate (JUN)


● CNY — GDP Growth Rate YoY (Q2)



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