5 Cryptos You Haven’t Heard Of But Should Check Out

Another week of trading is upon us, and today, we’re going to dig into crypto, uncovering some fast-rising stars of the market. We’ll also give you a rundown of the key events that should be inside your trading diary this week. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Crypto is expanding

Crypto has had a sticky time of late. The market does seem to be settling down somewhat — at the time of writing at any rate! It’s a market that never sleeps, while also comprising some of the most volatile financial instruments on the planet, so anything is possible.

#1 Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos brands itself as the “Internet of Crypto”. It’s “an ever-expanding ecosystem of interoperable and sovereign blockchain apps and services, built for a decentralised future.” It’s supposed to be a platform on which all crypto blockchains can cross-communicate and share data with each other seamlessly.

#2 NKN

Hands up, who loves a three-letter abbreviation? This one stands for “New Kind of Network”, which is quite sweet when you think about it.

#3 Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon (formerly known as MATIC) is an Indian blockchain scalability platform, often labelled as ‘Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains’ (sound familiar?). It aims to create a multi-chain ecosystem of Ethereum compatible blockchains. It provides free Ethereum based cryptographic token transfers and payments.

#4 Chainlink (LINK)

We’ve written about this one a few times and it just doesn’t quit — so here we are again.

#5 Celo

Celo is an open-sourced Proof-of-Stake blockchain designed to support stablecoins and tokenised assets with an algorithmic reserve-backed stability mechanism. Which is pretty cool.

What’s On The Trading Agenda This Week?

Crypto aside, here’s everything you need to keep track of this week.


No major events planned.


● GBP — Employment Change (Mar)


● GBP — Inflation Rate YoY (May)


● AUD — Employment Change (May) + Unemployment Rate (May)


● JPY — Inflation Rate YoY (May)

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