Another week of trading is upon us, and today, we’re going to dig into crypto, uncovering some fast-rising stars of the market. We’ll also give you a rundown of the key events that should be inside your trading diary this week. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Crypto is expanding

Crypto has had a sticky time of late. The market does seem to be settling down somewhat — at the time of writing at any rate! It’s a market that never sleeps, while also comprising some of the most volatile financial instruments on the planet, so anything is possible.

Those who don’t follow…

Welcome to another week in trading! June is #GreatOutdoorsMonth and today we’re looking at top outdoor adventure stocks to trade in 2021. We’ll also let you know which events to watch this week.

The outdoor stocks to trade right now

The outdoor recreation sector is one of the few that remained relatively buoyant throughout government mandated lockdowns. This was mainly because restrictions mostly applied to indoor events and major outdoor gatherings; more individual pursuits, such as hiking, camping, or biking were permitted.

The outdoor recreation sector is booming. Here are 4 stocks to watch right now.

#1 Go Pro Inc (GPRO)

One of the stellar performers of 2021 so far, GPRO stock…

Crypto has been having a wild few weeks, to say the least. So, let’s explain what’s happening and where this may be heading. Once we’ve covered that, we’ll dip into some of the key fundamental events happening this week.

Let’s do this.

The Crypto Crash

If you’re a crypto trader or investor, you may still be staring in disbelief at your portfolio. Depending on your timing, it was either a bloodbath or an excellent opportunity to buy. Such is the duplicitous nature of market trading and the reason for the * trading is risky disclaimers.

Whatever side you were on, the numbers began…

When considering topics to focus on for this week’s article, the Contentworks office was divided between something to do with conspiracies and commodities trading. We merged the topics and jotted down some of our favourite commodity conspiracy theories! We are open minded here and would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the topics covered!

1. Fort Knox is actually cleaned out

Fort Knox, a US army military base in rural Kentucky, is supposed to contain around half of the US’ gold reserves — that’s about 147.34 million troy ounces (4,583 metric tons) of the precious yellow stuff. …

This week, we’ll take a look at the performance of some of the top social media stocks before going over the biggest blips on your weekly trading radar. Let’s go!

Social media in the spotlight

Let’s look at the health of the companies behind the most popular digital networks on the planet.

Note: Social media is a bit of a minefield when it comes to ownership, so where there’s no specific stock, we’ll take a look at that of the parent company (if they themselves are publicly listed!).

Facebook, Inc. (FB)

Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

Price on 01.01: 268.94 USD

Price on 04.05: 315.94 USD


Welcome to another week in trading! In today’s article, we’re taking a look at the top 5 travel stocks to trade in 2021. We’ll also tell you which events you need to look out for this week.

The best travel stocks to trade right now

Depending on where exactly you are on the planet right now, you may be wondering whether or not you’ll be able to head off on vacay this year. Airport doors are beginning to open up again and people are starting to book.

There is reason to suggest that this summer may give some travel-related companies a (much needed) major boost in fortunes, which…

Who doesn’t love a success story? Fortunately for us, trading has presented endless examples of people getting in and out of the market just at the right time. Today, we’ll explore 5 of the most famous trades of modern times. After that, we’ll fill you in on all the trading events coming up this week.

21st-century trading success stories

1. John Paulson

Often credited for pulling off the “greatest trade ever,” John Paulson made his fortune in 2007 by shorting the real estate market.

Now something of a legend, Paulson foresaw the impending real-estate asset bubble — a vision that led him to pocket a tidy $3.7…

Crypto has had a volatile few weeks. Have you ever wondered why that might be? Today, we’ll explore 5 factors that impact crypto prices. We’ll also give you a rundown of the key events that should be inside your trading diary this week. Let’s go!

1. Supply and demand

Like all commodities, most cryptos are governed by the laws of supply and demand. One great example is Bitcoin , only 21 million bitcoin can ever be mined. As a finite commodity, price appreciates due to the scarcity of the resource, i.e. lack of supply.

That finite supply is also impacted by increasing demand from…

It’s now been precisely 109 days since Brexit officially came into effect, so how has the UK fared? We’ll take a quick look; then we’ll dig into the markets and see what’s coming up this week.

How has Brexit affected the UK economy?

The impact has clearly been felt by both people and businesses, although the pandemic has muddied the waters slightly- it’s hard to separate the Brexit impact from the covid impact on the economy.

New border formalities have impacted British exports pretty badly, yet things have improved slightly from the near disastrous scenes we saw in January.

Last month, official UK figures showed a record…

If you woke up today asking yourself, “I wonder what the outlook is for Rhodium in 2021?” Today’s your lucky day! We’re taking a look at the top 5 precious metals to trade this year. After that, we’ll fill you in on all the trading events coming up this week.

Top 5 precious metals to trade in 2021

1. Gold

Gold is one of the most precious materials on Earth. Its finite nature and wide-ranging industrial use-cases make it a highly sought after commodity and a mainstay of many a trader’s portfolio. Until 2021 that is.

The yellow metal had a strong start to 2020, capitalising on weakened fiat currencies…

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