Commodities are popular among traders as the range of instruments adds diversification to their portfolio. But what are the top 5 commodities to trade so far this year? Let’s find out, before giving you a run down of the most important tradeable events this week.

Hot Commodities In 2021

Here’s what everyone has been trading this year and why.

#1 Oil

The phased end of Covid lockdowns massively pumped up demand for fuels in the industrial and transportation sectors. Over the coming months, the increased ability for people to travel is expected to lift demand further.

A Reuters survey found that OPEC oil output rose in…

Did you know, the US dollar is involved in more than 50% of all forex trades. Yep. Beyond that, what else do you know about the most popular forex pairs in 2021? If the answer to that question is, “not a lot”, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll go over the 5 most traded forex pairs and their outlook for the rest of the year. Then give you a rundown of the top trading events this week. Let’s get to it!

The hottest pairs of 2021

Here’s our run-down of the top pairs of the year so far.


01.01: 1.2180

24.07: 1.1770

Welcome to another week of trading! In today’s article, we’re going to look at 5 trading forums brokers need to know about. We’ll also go over the key events to look out for this week — which really won’t take long!

#1 Forex Peace Army (FPA)

A different kettle of fish to the other forums on this list, as you’ll soon see. Forex Peace Army is not your regular user-generated content forum. The primary purpose of the forum is as a rating/review site for brokers.

Having been in operation since 2005, the site boasts that it has “the largest collection of forex broker reviews”. …

Ever considered trading Penny Stocks? If not and you’re wondering what they’re all about, you’re in the right place! Alternatively, if you’re just interested in finding out what the key fundamental events of the week are going to be, sit tight, we’ve got you covered too!

Wait, what’s a Penny Stock?

Also known as Micro Caps, Penny stocks are the shares of companies that trade below $5 USD.

As a rule, these stocks have low prices and therefore low barriers to entry. They are seen as being highly volatile instruments and, like all financial assets, should be treated very carefully.

Penny Stocks are typically traded…

We’re into July and that means summer is in full swing. How could that potentially affect your trading? Read on to find out our top tips. We’ll also outline some of the must-watch events of the coming week.

“Sell in May and go away…”

Ah, that classic trading expression. But just how accurate is it in 2021?

The theory goes that when summer comes around, people start to close their laptops and head on holiday. Less people being around means that there’s less news and activity to move the markets.

It’s true, fund managers and big institutional traders often sell some of their shares and other…

At some point, we’ve all wished we could go back in time to 2010 and buy ourselves some bitcoin to HODL until the all-time highs of over $64,000 back in March. Well, since we can’t offer you a time machine, here the next best thing. We’ve scoured the crypto-verse and got you the top ten new cryptos coming soon.

Note that most new altcoins have been accused of being dud coins — they don’t really have a specific purpose other than speculative trading (you know, the pump and dump schemes). …

Welcome back to another week in the tradesphere! The Contentworks crew are back with our usual Monday morning report, ready to set you up for another week of trading. Today, we’ll be tackling another important (and very divisive) topic, before giving you a run-down of the top trading events this week. Let’s get to it!

Crypto as a ‘currency’

This in itself is a contentious topic. Many people, both inside and outside of the crypto space argue that these instruments are never going to replace actual fiat currencies. Some even believe that was never their purpose. Some are suspicious of cryptos as being linked…

Welcome to another week in trading! In today’s article, we’re looking at one of the most controversial characters in modern-day trading, Elon Musk. We’ll also let you know which events you need to look out for this week.

The man who moves markets

Here are eight lesser-known facts about Elon Reeve Musk FRS.

#1 He was born in South Africa

If you’ve heard him speak, you’ve probably worked this out. Lots of people assume that Elon Musk was born in the States, but he was actually born in Pretoria on June 28, 1971. He moved to Canada in 1989 and later Pennsylvania, US.

Musk graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1997…

Another week of trading is upon us, and today, we’re going to dig into crypto, uncovering some fast-rising stars of the market. We’ll also give you a rundown of the key events that should be inside your trading diary this week. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Crypto is expanding

Crypto has had a sticky time of late. The market does seem to be settling down somewhat — at the time of writing at any rate! It’s a market that never sleeps, while also comprising some of the most volatile financial instruments on the planet, so anything is possible.

Those who don’t follow…

Welcome to another week in trading! June is #GreatOutdoorsMonth and today we’re looking at top outdoor adventure stocks to trade in 2021. We’ll also let you know which events to watch this week.

The outdoor stocks to trade right now

The outdoor recreation sector is one of the few that remained relatively buoyant throughout government mandated lockdowns. This was mainly because restrictions mostly applied to indoor events and major outdoor gatherings; more individual pursuits, such as hiking, camping, or biking were permitted.

The outdoor recreation sector is booming. Here are 4 stocks to watch right now.

#1 Go Pro Inc (GPRO)

One of the stellar performers of 2021 so far, GPRO stock…

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