Brexit — So How’s It Going?

Has Brexit made things better or worse?

Like many countries right now, Britain is facing more than a few socio-economic problems. To what extent can they be attributed to Brexit, though? Let’s find out.

Brexit and the cost of living crisis

According to a study by the Resolution Foundation, EU withdrawal is making things worse on citizens’ pockets.

Brexit and energy

UK energy bills are set to jump by as much as 80% this winter, according to Ofgem, the UK’s energy regulator. The leap means the average household will pay £3,549 per year to heat and power their homes, which may potentially plunge millions into poverty.

Brexit and trade

Since Brexit, the UK has signed 71 trade deals and agreements in principle, as well as the one signed with the EU. But most of these are simply carbon copies of the deals that the UK had when it was part of the EU — not exactly improvements.

Summing it up

Britain is facing a monumental challenge right now and while Brexit hasn’t helped in many cases, it’s hard to look past crises that are also inflicting untold damage on many national economies right now.

How are you feeling about Brexit?

What do you make of the current situation? Can the UK climb out of its hole? Tweet us your thoughts at @_contentworks; and if you’re looking for regular and insightful fintech marketing content, please give us a follow!

What’s on the trading agenda this week?

A quiet but important tradingweek lies ahead for the currency markets. Here are all of the top events to take note of.


● USD — ISM Manufacturing PMI (SEP)


● AUD — RBA Interest Rate Decision


● CAD — Balance of Trade (AUG)


● EUR — ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts


● CAD — Employment Change (SEP); Unemployment Rate (SEP)



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