Coronavirus: The Deadliest Thing to Hit the Global Markets in Recent Times

A Double Whammy for Companies Operating in or Dealing with China

The footage of deserted streets and closed shops say it all. China and the global markets are bracing themselves for a US sub-prime-crisis-like market event, if the outbreak is not contained quickly.

Coronavirus Knocking on New Doors

Work disruptions, border closures and travel restrictions will squeeze multinational companies in several sectors, including infrastructure, tourism, aviation, automobiles, electronics, consumer and luxury goods.

Traders and Investors, Time to Curb Risk Appetite

Wall Street and London have both taken massive blows due to the fear of a global pandemic. European indices and the Asian markets are on a decline as well. The list of companies whose bottom lines will be severely impacted by the virus is expected to grow. Virgin Australia, Danone and Diageo are some of the more recent additions to the list.



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