Easy Does It! Why Are EasyJet Going Green?

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EasyJet’s Pledges to Go Carbon-Free

You may have heard that the orange and white low-cost airline, EasyJet (EZJ), recently declared their green intentions, having agreed to cancel out its carbon footprint, a move that will cost a not-so-measly £25 million per year. EasyJet is now the first major airline to go green. But, this announcement came on the same day that the company revealed a 26% drop in full-year profit. Ouch.

So, How Can They Afford the Pledge?

Well, put simply, the company is hoping that this move will do two things:

  1. Provide a distraction from that eye-watering 26% drop in top-line profit — which it successfully managed to do!
  2. Boost passenger numbers from the increasingly climate-change conscious populace. As the first company to do such a move, they’re banking on the fact that they’ll get some credit for leading the way.

The initial results looked good, too.

Source: Google Finance

This graph shows a big bump in EZJ share price on the 19th November. Guess what news was announced that day?

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It’ll be interesting to see if EasyJet’s primary competition, Ryanair (RYA) and Wizz (WIZZ) follow suit and make similar pledges.

Key events this week

The internet is cool, but, sometimes, there’s just way too much information floating around out there, right? It’s super hard to make sense of it all, let alone settle on a source that you can trust. Well, we can help you with that last bit. Each week, Contentworks pulls together top events of the week, signed sealed and delivered to you right here. You’re welcome!

● We start the week on Tuesday with a couple of very important speeches. The first is from FED chair Jerome H. Powell (USD). The second, by RBA Governor, Philip Lowe (AUD), as he gives a speech entitled: “Unconventional Monetary Policy: Some Lessons from Overseas”. Don’t miss them!

● We’ll spend Wednesday primarily in the US, first with the Non-Defense Capital Goods Orders Ex-Aircraft (USD), you know, the one that measures the cost of orders received for capital goods, excluding those in the defense and aircraft sectors. We’ll then get a preliminary look at the Q3 Gross Domestic Product (USD). Following these, we’ll hop over ‘The Pond’ just in time for the UK’s Inflation Report Hearings (GBP).

● Thursday is Consumer Price Index (CPI) day! First, we’ll hear from the EU as we get an update on the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (YoY) (EUR). Then, we’ll jet off to Tokyo for the Tokyo CPI ex-Food (YoY) (JPY), which is a measure of the rise/fall in the cost of a basket of everyday goods, bar fresh food.

● We’ll finish the week with an update on Canada’s GDP (CAD), released by Statistics Canada.

Another busy, busy week! Keep your eyes on these events and also pay attention to the news for any developments in unraveling stories like the impending UK general election, the latest on Brexit, and Trump’s impeachment inquiry.

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