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4 min readMay 2, 2022


Elon Musk is rarely out of the news. His tweets have the power to move markets in ways that others simply cannot. Today, we’ll look over a few of those cases. We’ll also update you on the key fundamental events of what looks like a crazy-busy week of trading.

5 times Elon Musk moved markets

Let’s be honest, this guy has influenced the market way more than a handful of times(!), here are just five.

#1 Wait, what did I say?

In February 2019, Elon corrected his own prediction of how many cars Tesla would make that year. This came just hours after tweeting that annual production would reach about 500,000 vehicles.

He actually meant to say that Tesla expected to be making cars at an annual rate of about 500,000 by the end of 2019. Tesla’s stock price fell 3.7% in response. Talk about an expensive mistake!

Source: ​​Twitter

#2 Tweeting can really Hertz stock price

In 2021, Musk hinted that Hertz Global Holdings’ deal to buy 100,000 Teslas for its rental car fleet wasn’t quite over the line, downplaying the $4.2bn agreement. Tesla’s stock price then dropped by 3% the following day. Oof!

Source: Twitter

#3 Polling about his Tesla stock

In November 2021, Tesla’s shares dropped nearly 7% after Elon asked his Twitter followers whether he should sell 10% of his holdings in the company. A clear majority of the 3.5 million Twitter users who voted said “yes”.

Source: Twitter

#4 Yo-yo-ing with Bitcoin

Musk’s relationship with Bitcoin is a complicated one. Fortunately (or not) for all of us, it’s also been very public. The bitcoin price chart below says it all really…

Source: Recode by Vox

#5 Agreeing to buy Twitter, sending Tesla spiralling

You might have caught wind of this one recently. As we’ve already shown here, Elon is a big fan of tweeting. But, it seems, he’s not a huge fan of the way that Twitter is actually run. He stated earlier this month that the company is not realising its potential. In a bid to unlock it, the mega-mogul has now agreed to buy the social media platform for $44 billion.

To finance the deal, last week Musk sold around $8.4 billion worth of his shares in Tesla, according to filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Tesla’s share price initially plummeted by 12%, dropping slightly further over the course of the week.

TSLA, 2022

Source: Google

What do you think?

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Top fundamental events this week

There’s a busy week ahead of us. Here are all the events to look out for.


● USD — ISM Manufacturing PMI (APR)


● AUD — RBA Interest Rate Decision

● EUR — Germany Unemployment Change (APR); Unemployment Rate (APR)


● NZD — RBNZ Financial Stability Report; Employment Change QoQ (Q1); Unemployment Rate (Q1); RBNZ Press Conference

● CAD — Balance of Trade (MAR)

● USD — ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI (APR); Fed Interest Rate Decision


● GBP — BoE Interest Rate Decision


● AUD — RBA Statement on Monetary Policy

● CAD — Employment Change (APR); Unemployment Rate (APR)

● USD — Non-Farm Payrolls (APR); Unemployment Rate (APR)

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