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  • Αθανασιος Κολλυρης

    Αθανασιος Κολλυρης

    Σχεδιασμός ιστοσελίδων, γραφική επιμέλεια και φωτογράφιση. Storytelling, Web Design, UX, CMS, Photography. https://socialconsulting.gr

  • E.R. Burgess

    E.R. Burgess

    Product Evangelist & Marketing Technologist moving at the speed of startups. Content Marketer, Metrics Expert, Writer, Game Designer (board & video), AI & Data

  • Paul Bratby

    Paul Bratby

    Founder of Global Trading Software a marketplace bringing professional trading indicators, Auto traders & trading strategies to multiple platforms

  • Alex Corkhill

    Alex Corkhill

  • Komal A. Mirza

    Komal A. Mirza

  • Xenia Neophytou

    Xenia Neophytou

  • The Unproposed Guy (A Comedy Novel)

    The Unproposed Guy (A Comedy Novel)

    Meet the lame loader next door, a storyteller by heart & sarcastic by the head, every guy’s best friend, and any girl’s worst nightmare. https://amzn.to/34gvue7

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