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  • Steph Rempe

    Steph Rempe

    2020 Brown University Grad. Engineer, Computer Scientist, Artist, Musician, Athlete, Entrepreneur. Improving myself by practicing 10 skills a day!

  • Aufa Apriliani

    Aufa Apriliani

    Discover insights on business marketing & sales strategy goodreads.com/aufaapriliani

  • Andromachi Vlachopoulou

    Andromachi Vlachopoulou

  • The Capital

    The Capital

    A publishing platform for professionals to see what’s trending in business, finance, and tech

  • ImpacTech


    Enhance the customer experience using our AI-driven software and improve customer onboarding, acquisition, lifetime value and reduce churn rate.

  • Joel Leon.

    Joel Leon.

    he/him. @tedtalks giver. @EBONYmag / @medium writer. @frankwhiteco . creative. @taylorstrategy senior copywriter. @thecc_nyc 21’ class. @twloha board. #BRONX

  • A. Khaled

    A. Khaled

    This page is now decommissioned. Follow me here instead: https://akhaled.substack.com/

  • Matt Lillywhite

    Matt Lillywhite


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