Move Over FAANG — Time For a Change?

Another week has flown by. Fortunately for you, we’re here to give you some interesting (if we do say so ourselves) insights. This week it’s tech stocks. Well, let’s not stretch this intro out any longer. To business!

Time to Forget FAANG?

Tech stocks have seen better days, haven’t they? FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) have been the staple market leaders for a while now, but as their power wanes, and their stock takes a beating, we’re asking… is it time to forget Facebook; abandon Apple; and neglect Netflix? Loved our alliteration didn’t you. Could be.

Trading highlights of the week

A heavy week of trading opportunities lies ahead. Don’t waste any time, all the hottest tickets are right here. Each week, we sift through a gazillion websites to bring you some top tips on the fundamental market events that are most likely to shake everything up. If you’re looking for potential volatile moments over the coming week, you’ll want to add these to your calendar.

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