Move Over FAANG — Time For a Change?

Another week has flown by. Fortunately for you, we’re here to give you some interesting (if we do say so ourselves) insights. This week it’s tech stocks. Well, let’s not stretch this intro out any longer. To business!

Time to Forget FAANG?

Tech stocks have seen better days, haven’t they? FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) have been the staple market leaders for a while now, but as their power wanes, and their stock takes a beating, we’re asking… is it time to forget Facebook; abandon Apple; and neglect Netflix? Loved our alliteration didn’t you. Could be.

Let’s take Netflix (NFLX) for example. A couple of years ago, nothing and no one could touch the TV/movie streaming giant. We now know that’s not true. With multiple contenders to the streaming throne lining up to take them on — we’re thinking Disney (DIS) or Apple’s (AAPL) Apple TV+, Netflix will do well to maintain such a strong grip on the market that they’ve totally dominated up to this point.

Even our crystal ball can’t predict with absolute certainty what’s really going to happen, but one thing is for sure, these days you can’t be content with merely doing what you’ve always done.

Trading highlights of the week

A heavy week of trading opportunities lies ahead. Don’t waste any time, all the hottest tickets are right here. Each week, we sift through a gazillion websites to bring you some top tips on the fundamental market events that are most likely to shake everything up. If you’re looking for potential volatile moments over the coming week, you’ll want to add these to your calendar.

● As words in the financial world go, there aren’t many that are more important than those that fall out of the mouth of Jerome Powell’s, on a monthly basis. Make sure you don’t miss the Chair of the Fed’s speech on Monday.

● Hot on Powell’s heels, and equally important, is the speech of the Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, taking place on Tuesday. GBP traders be there or be square. Or you know … be both.

● Wednesday is all about the release of the FOMC meeting minutes. The Federal Open Market Committee makes a release 8 times each year and a bunch of super-important info is contained inside this little golden nugget, including a clear guide to the future US interest rate policy. USD traders, you have been warned!

● We’re staying Stateside for Thursday’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) Ex Food & Energy release, courtesy of the US Department of Labor Statistics. This release shows price movements through a comparison of the retail prices of a shopping basket of goods and services. It’s a key statistic on US inflation rates. Don’t miss!

● Finally on Friday it’s the turn of Canada, as they unveil their employment statistics, firstly through the Net Change in Employment release, and then the Unemployment Rate. Two lovely releases that uncover how healthy Canada’s job market is, currently. Keep your eyes peeled, CAD traders!

That’s it. Finnito. The end… For this week, at least. But if you liked what you read and think that your traders and investors might be into this kind of content, too, ping us a message and we’ll be happy to talk about your content needs. Maybe you’re looking for a weekly overview article like this, or perhaps you want something a little different. Whatever your needs, the Contentworks team is ready to help.

Speak soon!

The Contentworks Team

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