Roundup — the Best of Crypto Marketing

The crypto world is intriguing, enticing and fast-paced. The sector has had its fair share of bullish and bearish sentiment and it’s this volatility which call for clever and adaptive marketing. With the right strategy, it’s possible to gain a loyal and dedicated following. But who’s keeping up with the ever-changing swag of the crypto industry?

This Medium roundup features three brands totally rocking crypto marketing:

Revolut — @RevolutApp

Creating a ‘world beyond banking,’ Revolut offers consumers a super-secure, mobile-based current account designed for simple, fee-free transfers. Currencies can also be exchanged directly into crypto including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and XRP. The initiative is awesome — as is their social strategy.

So, what do they do that works?

#1 Gain insight from consumers

Revolut uses social media platforms like Twitter to not only showcase new products, but to gain insights from consumers in an effort to grow, improve and interact.

They ask questions and share the results.

This kind of social interaction works in two ways. Firstly, it allows companies to hear from their target audience and, if they’re clever, adapt their marketing and products accordingly. Secondly it makes consumers feel wanted and appreciated.

Key takeaway: Don’t be afraid to reach out and get consumers involved in your business strategy. Progressive organisations are needed within the crypto sphere which is constantly evolving and is still very much in its nascent stages.

#2 Remain relevant and fun

One of the best ways to get people chatting is to talk about relevant issues. During the festive season 2018, a drone scare brought Gatwick airport to a complete standstill. So, what did Revolut do? Turn this into a humorous marketing campaign broadcast across channels such as LinkedIn. As well as playing with current affairs, Revolut also promoted their new Premium card in a way that wasn’t overly salesy or pushy but was still completely relevant.

Key takeaway: Keep your finger on the pulse and use calendar events and topical subjects to support innovative marketing campaigns.

#3 Integrate video content

When it comes to marketing, don’t press pause on video. Content of this kind will dominate 80% of all internet traffic by 2021 and therefore jumping on the bandwagon is a must. Revolut neatly integrates explainer videos into their social content to help consumers get the most from their products and services.

Key Takeaway: Post video to inform and educate your audience. Keep in mind that marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. And, Sixty-four percent of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos. Remember, however, that 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. So, you must make your key messages and calls to action clear even with the volume on mute.

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Qtum — @QtumOfficial

Qtum is a decentralised blockchain application platform capable of running Smart Contracts on multiple virtual machines, with Proof-of-Stake consensus. Their aim is to bridge the gap between Bitcoin and Ethereum communities. And with some 175,000 followers on Twitter, there’s great interest in this initiative. Their social activities are highly engaging and include:

#1 Regular reporting to keep followers informed

Reports are the bread and butter of successful social media helping to keep followers in-the-know. Qtum spread the word via sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Key takeaway 1: Have a regular feature people want to follow! Provide a strong call to action and link back to more engaging and in-depth information.

Key takeaway 2: Offer teasers or content snippets to make your niche market read on.

Key takeaway 3: Lead people to relevant content through well-positioned QR codes.

#2 Branded holiday messages

Plan holiday campaigns to gain as much attention for your brand as possible. Qtum’s Christmas message had a strong visual design which is important if you want to get noticed across busy social platforms. Their Chinese New Year graphic was eye-catching and on-brand too.

Key takeaway: Tweets with images are 34% more likely to get retweeted that tweets with no images. So, it’s a good idea to make your posts as vibrant and interesting as possible.

The Bitfury Group — @BitfuryGroup

At the forefront of blockchain revolution, The Bitfury Group delivers hardware and software solutions to help people and businesses move assets securely across the blockchain. They’ve got their marketing strategy nailed, by:

#1 humanising the brand

Authenticity is key within a crypto world full of exchange hacks and scams. The Bitfury Group works hard to humanise their brand via social media activity like the post seen below.

Key takeaway 1: Bring your brand to life by introducing top company players. Make sure important figures stay in the limelight as this encourages a more loyal following.

Key takeaway 2: Provide teasers and updates. Where possible tag high-profile influencers and individuals in order to increase outreach.

#2 Publicising achievements

Another way to strengthen your reputation within a competitive and increasingly suspicious sector is to publicise your achievements. Being featured in a well-established and highly-credible publication can help improve your reputation and increase brand awareness.

Key takeaway 1: Promote online material that supports your cause and showcases your company in the best light.

Key takeaway 2: Take an omnichannel approach. The above messages were broadcast across numerous channels therefore reaching a wider audience.

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Contentworks Agency

Contentworks Agency

Contentworks Agency provides compliance friendly content to banks, forex brokers, fintechs and many other sectors.

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