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Hedge funds worldwide now manage well over $3.2 trillion according to data from Hedge Fund Research. That means competition is fierce with fund managers looking to attract investors in their own unique way. Generally considered more aggressive, risky and exclusive than mutual funds, it’s really important that hedge funds are presented in the right way. So, who’s hitting the nail on the head?

This Medium roundup features three brands totally rocking hedge fund marketing.

#Two Sigma — @twosigma

An investment manager dedicated to applying cutting-edge technology to the exciting and ever-changing world of finance, Two Sigma has a strong social media presence. They’re not all about overly promotional content and instead think outside of the box. Here are their top strategies.

Celebrating Events

Scheduling branded marketing around significant calendar events is a great way to get involved with trending topics and create some interesting content.

This is exactly what Two Sigma did on National LEGO Day. The below Tweet which shows the Two Sigma logo being built from LEGO is a clever way to spread brand awareness. But that’s not all. The team also dedicated the LEGO used to First Lego League. This is a worthwhile cause which helps children to develop key problem-solving skills and therefore shows a considerable level of corporate responsibility.

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Top Marketing Takeaway 1: Embrace video. It’s a great way to bring your digital content to life in a fun and interesting way. Also, as you can see from the HubSpot Content Trends survey below, consumers want to see both videos and social videos from brands they support.

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Top Marketing Takeaway 2: Corporate responsibility is big news in today’s world with millennials in particular supporting companies who show an interest in the wider world and worthwhile projects. For this reason, it’s a really good idea to give something back to the community.

Promoting networking events

Successful brands often attend popular conferences, talks and networking events. Industry-related summits are an ideal way to meet like-minded people, but how can you make the most of your attendance and pique the interest of your online followers?

Well, this takes some powerful promotional work across all digital channels. For a start, you must provide all the information people might need to visit your booth and give them a reason to visit. Even if you give them a nudge by offering coffee and snacks.

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Top Marketing Takeaway 1: Tweets with images get 18% more clicks, 89% more favourites and 150% more retweets. So, keep this in mind when posting. Images are also wonderfully eye-catching and prevent people from scrolling past your tweet.

Top Marketing Takeaway 2: Link through to more information where possible. Be helpful and give consumers every reason to visit you at an event.

Top Marketing Takeaway 3: Provide a clear and concise call to action so there’s no confusion as to what should be done as a result of your post.

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#2 Bridgewater Associates

As one of the largest fund managers in the world in terms of assets, Bridgewater Associates takes professional networking seriously. While they remain quiet on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, they’ve a dominant presence on LinkedIn posting to almost 82,000 followers. Their approach is extremely corporate. However, they use techniques that work.

Putting a face to the brand

When it comes to finance and investments, gaining people’s trust is a must. After all, the finance sector is also prone to malpractice. One of the best ways to do this is to humanise your brand. Video content featuring senior management is ideal as it allows consumers to connect with an otherwise faceless organisation on a more personal level.

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Key figures also don’t shy away from discussing topical issues such as ‘women in finance’ with Bridgewater Associate’s Co-President and COO Eileen Murray speaking at the Bloomberg Business of Equality Summit. The below video was posted to YouTube in a bid to garner traction and spread awareness across channels.

Top Marketing Tip 1: Improve the authenticity of your brand by generating content that showcases your hedge fund team in the best light. Put yourself in the public eye and ensure all those who are at the forefront are well presented across all channels including LinkedIn. Consumers are likely to do further research and dig deeper if they like what you’re saying.

#3 JP Morgan Chase — @Chase

As one of the leading financial services firms in the world, JP Morgan Chase have a considerable social media presence with a following of 363K people on Twitter alone. Their social strategy is not about pushy marketing and in your face sales techniques which talk non-stop about hedge funds. Instead, it’s about providing useful, relevant content to their followers in order to gain trust. Let’s take a closer look.

Helpful content

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Top Marketing Tip 1: Become a go-to source of information and provide content people will want to read. This will keep consumers coming back for more and will set your company apart from others who just focussing on generic, sales-based content which is not popular with millennials or Gen Z.

Heartfelt initiatives

Again, one of the best ways to promote a brand isn’t simply to sing about the services offered. Thinking outside the box and showcasing initiatives and projects centred around corporate responsibly works well. As part of a mission to make the economy work for more people, JP Morgan Chase set up an Advancing Back Pathways project which was heavily promoted on social media using the hashtag #TogetherWe. The company also teamed up with famous actor Kevin Hart to get their mission heard.

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Top Marketing Tip 1: Support causes that match the morals and brands of your company as this will come across genuine and meaningful.

Top Marketing Tip 2: Create hashtags that allow your posts to be easily found on social sites. Such hashtags will also encourage people to join in and tag related conversations. This should ultimately lead to more eyes on your brand.

Top Marketing Tip 3: Make the most of influencer marketing. By teaming up with people who are on the same page as your company, you can make a greater impact and attract more attention.

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