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Investment banking has progressed rapidly over the years. Many companies now offer technical charts, webinars and swanky education centres as well as their core investment products. And this means marketing has also come on leaps and bounds. In today’s digital world where competition is fierce, staying ahead of the game is the only way to attract and retain consumers. But who’s getting it right?

This Medium roundup features three brands totally rocking investment marketing.

#1 Fidelity Investments — @Fidelity
Offering everything from planning and advice to robust investment tools, Fidelity Investments has been named one of the best firms for flexibility, but what makes them stand out from the crowd?
Highly interactive on social media
Social media is not the place for pushy marketing messages. But it is the ideal platform to build trust and rapport with consumers. One of the best ways to do this is through interaction on sites like Twitter.
Fidelity Investments recently implemented a Valentine’s Day #FidChats discussion based around love and money. Not only was this relevant on the most romantic day of the year but it was publicised repeatedly during the previous week to try and gain as much traction as possible.

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Marketing Tip 1: Use bright, bold images to catch people’s attention
Marketing Tip 2: Be specific. In this case, the time and date are clearly mentioned.
Marketing Tip 3: Use short and sweet branded hashtags to make your posts more searchable and to promote brand awareness.
Engaging with consumers gives people a reason to follow your site via social platforms. Q&A sessions also provide you with valuable insights that can be used to tweak product offerings. It’s the digital equivalent to sending someone out in the cold with a clipboard and pen.

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Once the discussion had finished, Fidelity Investments even personalised a thank you tweet tagging those who got involved. This is a great way to show appreciation for consumers.

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Top Takeaway: Don’t take consumer interaction for granted. Tagging people in a thank you helps to cement a business-consumer bond and encourages future engagement.

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#2 Ally Invest — @Ally
Known for their wide range of self-directed and managed investment products, Ally’s main Twitter account has a following of almost 40K while @AllyFinancial has over 14K. Offering an online-only service, it’s perhaps no surprise the company was voted the best bank for millennials by Kiplinger. But what are they doing to keep this generation of Digital Natives engaged?
Relevant and highly targeted video content
Video content will dominate 80% of all internet traffic by 2020. Millennials consume more video content on their smartphones that any other generation. And 6/10 would rather watch a company video than read a newsletter. Nearly half of millennials follow brands on Twitter too, therefore implementing video into their Twitter social media strategy was a good move by Ally.

But Ally didn’t stop there. The video encourages people to:
• “Look for better”
• “Check online reviews”
• “Ask the internet”
• “Ask your friends”
• “Ask your co-workers

But why is this both clever and significant? Well, it shows Ally understands their core audience because:

• 8/10 millennials will not make an online purchase without reading a review first.
• 3/10 only buy from sites with trusted recommendations.
• 45% of millennials say they like interacting with companies digitally because they can compare services and prices.
• Millennials tend to read an average of six recent reviews before coming to a final decision.
Encouraging people to do their homework is a bold move but one that installs consumer trust. A quick Google search is enough to bring back some positive results.

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And Ally themselves are also quick to sing about their achievements and acknowledgements.

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Top Marketing Tip 1: Have confidence in what you do. When you put out positive vibes into the digital world, you’ll help encourage people to trust you.
Top Marketing Tip 2: Create authenticity by sharing positive information about your brand. This could be in the form of a retweet on Twitter or by sharing a post on Facebook. You could even create a blog following an award on LinkedIn explaining initiatives that drive brand success.
Remember, millennials don’t like pushy sales messages, but they are looking for recommendations. So, sharing reviews and testimonials generated by a third party is a great tactic.

#3 Goldman Sachs — @GoldmanSachs
As one of the biggest global investment firms in the world, it’s no wonder the company’s Twitter following is over 700K. And with over 222K following the company’s Facebook page there’s the chance for significant engagement. So, what are Goldman Sachs doing right?
Putting key players in the spotlight to generate authenticity
When it comes to investment, it’s essential to build trust with your followers. But how can this be done? One of the best ways is to not only introduce instrumental business figures but to keep them in the limelight. This puts a face to your brand and makes companies more accountable for what they’re putting out into the world.
Goldman Sachs do this well by featuring #CatchUpWithDavid sessions which include interviews with CEO David Solomon and other important members from the team regarding topical subjects.

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These videos are shared across multiple platforms including YouTube and enjoy thousands of views in a matter of days as you can see below.

Marketing Tip 1: Embrace an omnichannel approach in order to increase outreach.
Marketing Tip 2: Use relevant hashtags to encourage branded conversations.
Marketing tip 3: Introduce core team members and discuss relevant topics.
Marketing tip 4: When producing video don’t forget 85% of videos posted to social media channels like Facebook are watched with the sound off. So, make sure your video can still be understood as Goldman Sachs did through the use of text. See below.

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