The Top 5 Travel Stocks in 2021

Welcome to another week in trading! In today’s article, we’re taking a look at the top 5 travel stocks to trade in 2021. We’ll also tell you which events you need to look out for this week.

The best travel stocks to trade right now

Depending on where exactly you are on the planet right now, you may be wondering whether or not you’ll be able to head off on vacay this year. Airport doors are beginning to open up again and people are starting to book.

1. Booking Holdings BKNG is one of the largest online travel portals in the world. It’s slowly acquired a whole host of well-known websites to add to its portfolio including,, and There are few competitors to Booking’s prowess in the area of travel booking, planning and comparison.

2. Marriott International MAR

This hotel giant owns more than 7,000 properties in 132 countries all over the world. It too has amassed an interconnected empire of household brands, e.g. Sheraton, and Ritz-Carlton.

3. Airbnb ABNB

Speak of the devil. Airbnb has built itself into a true behemoth in this sector. The company has consistently managed to achieve annual revenue growth rates of over 25%.

4. Disney DIS

This one needs no introduction. Disney is the provider of the world’s most famous holiday destinations. That part of their business took a major hit during covid, which did initially hurt the company. However, the blow was softened by the entertainment giant’s many other arms, not least its new VOD streaming service, Disney+.

5. Virgin Galactic Holdings SPCE

The out of this world Virgin Galactic Holdings might be one to watch. The company will soon be offering trips into the final frontier for a not-so-modest $250,000 per seat.

What’s on the trading agenda this week?

Here’s everything you need to keep track of this week, it’s not going to be terribly busy — unless something weird happens!

Monday 10th May

No major events scheduled.

Tuesday 11th May

● CNY — Inflation Rate YoY (APR); New Yuan Loans (APR)

Wednesday 12th May

● GBP — GDP 3-Month Avg (MAR); GDP Growth Rate YoY Preliminary (Q1); GDP YoY (MAR)

Thursday 13th May

No major events scheduled.

Friday 14th May

● EUR — ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts

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