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Welcome back to another week in trading. Today, we’re sharing some of our top social media influencers with you. After that, we’ll go over this week’s hottest trading events for your calendar.

Here are 5 finance influencers that we think are worth following, starting with a couple you might not have heard of.

#1 Humphrey Yang

Humphrey Yang has built a large following on social media. His TikTok channel currently boasts 3.3 million followers.

Based in the Bay Area of San Francisco, Humphrey’s videos usually include topics such as debt avoidance techniques, personal finance, managing money, and building credit.

It’s not just his growing follower count that’s impressive. Yang’s videos consistently score high engagement rates, with 49 million likes on TikTok alone.

#2 Poku Banks

Poku Banks is another of TikTok’s rising finance stars. His profile currently has 340,000 followers and his video like count is over 9.2 million.

Many investors, particularly younger ones clearly like the taste of what London-based Banks is serving. Which, typically consists of advice around student loans, crypto, HMRC and buy-to-lets.

Poku is also a regular host high-profile Gen Z networking event, The Gen Z Club, where influencers create opportunities for aspirational zoomers.

#3 Warren Buffet

Surely the ultimate financial influencer. Warren Buffet’s success in a career that spans 6 decades in trading is what underpins his popularity. Who wouldn’t want to peek inside the brain of such a successful investor?!

Warren Buffet’s wealth growth over time

Source: Forbes

Buffet is one of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world, with a net worth of around $100 billion. He was ranked №5 on Forbes’ 2022 Billionaires list and was the eighth-richest member of the 2021 Forbes 400.

The savvy owner of Berkshire Hathaway (and team) has also mastered social media, turning him into a highly-effective and popular social media investor. His Twitter profile has 1.6 million followers, each hanging onto his every word — which can range from anything from trading advice, business tips, and stock picks to the importance of fundamental research.

We love that Mr Buffett doesn’t follow anyone on Twitter!

#4 Dave Ramsay

Dave Ramsay a top finance influencer, with a Twitter profile that boasts almost 954 thousand followers.

He created financial consulting firm, the Lampo Group in 1988 and went on to become a radio show host of The Dave Ramsey Show, a financial phone-in show. He’s believed to have a net worth in the region of $210 million.

His style is conservative / traditional (similar to Buffet), including topics like how to budget, how to beat debt, and how build a strong financial legacy. His callers provide a finance problem which Dave or his team aims to solve. Some of the callers are entertaining to say the least!

#5 Elon Musk

We couldn’t justify leaving him out. Let’s be honest, Elon is probably the most powerful influencer on social media. The Tesla and Twitter CEO has shown time and again that he has the power to move markets.

Some argue that Musk has too much power as he can single-handedly send a stock skyrocketing — waters that have become muddier since his purchase of Twitter.

Speaking of which, his Twitter followership is now up to a staggering 124.9 million and many eagerly await his musings. A lot of those are unrelated to finance, of course, but he’s previously swung the fortunes of many an investor, including those in Tesla, Twitter, and the wider crypto market.

Many analysts have stated that his suggestions are not reliable and should be taken with a pinch of salt, but the fact that he has so many followers and such engagement in his posts means that Musk holds ultimate power over financial influencing on social media.

Did we miss anyone out? Who is your go-to financial influencer? We’re over on Twitter, waiting to hear from you! Keep us company at @_contentworks.

Top fundamental events this week

This week will be unusually quiet in the markets — not an awful lot for anyone to influence here! Here’s everything happening in thw week commencing 09.01.23.


No major events are planned


No major events are planned


No major events are planned


● CNY — Inflation Rate YoY (DEC); New Yuan Loans (DEC)
● USD — Core Inflation Rate YoY (DEC); Inflation Rate YoY (DEC)


● GBP — GDP 3-Month Avg (NOV); GDP YoY (NOV)
● EUR — Germany Full Year GDP Growth (2022)
● USD — Michigan Consumer Sentiment Prel (JAN)

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