Top Green Energy Stocks in 2022

This year’s hottest renewable energy stocks

Covid fears have slowed the pace of many of the companies on this list, which is the reason you’re about to see a lot of red charts that point downwards.

#1 SunPower (SPWR)

Price on 25.02.2021: 47.33 USD

#2 Stem Inc. (STEM)

Price on 21.02.2021: 32.00 USD

#3 ChargePoint Holdings CHPT

Price on 21.02.2021: 38.68 USD

#4 Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure (AY)

Price on 21.02.2021: 45.76 USD

#5 FuelCell Energy (FCEL)

Price on 21.02.2021: 18.05 USD

Have you considered going green?

It’s a very interesting time for the market, with some high-potential stocks on offer at great prices. Is 2022 the perfect time to jump into the world of green? Tweet us your thoughts at @_contentworks; and if you’re looking for regular and insightful fintech marketing content, please follow us!

What’s on the trading agenda week commencing 24.01.22?

A really busy week lies ahead for the currency markets. Here are all of the top events to take note of.



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