Troubleshooting — My email marketing isn’t working

#1 Your Subject Line isn’t Engaging

First of all, email marketing is important. 77% of consumers choose email over other types of online communication, so it shouldn’t be ignored or side-lined. If you’re putting it on the backburner, then you really need to take note of the stats and crack on with some awesome content.

#2 Your Content Waffles On And On And On

We’re not here to sugar-coat the facts. If the body of your email is boring and waffles on, no-one will want to read it. In this case, you should really leave things to the professionals. And this is far more than a shameless plug for the awesome work we do as a content marketing agency. It’s a fact. Your email content represents your brand, but it doesn’t need to include in-depth topics or all the information on your website. Indeed, content of this kind should be:

#3 You’re Not Testing Success Rates

If you know your email marketing campaigns are falling flat, hopefully you’re analysing click through rates and keeping a close eye on data. If so, this is an excellent start as it can help you to refocus and try something a little different rather than simply continuing something that wastes time and money.

#4 You’ve Not Got a Segmented Email List

89% of email marketers do not segment their database. So, if you’re guilty of this, you’re not alone! The problem is if you send an email that’s not relevant to the consumer, 60% will most likely delete the email, 27% may unsubscribe from the brand and 23% are likely to mark the email as spam. These figures should be worrying to companies who haven’t nailed their email strategy just yet.

#5 Your Emails Aren’t Mobile Friendly

According to an Email Analytics report by Litmus, the number of emails opened on mobile devices has risen and now accounts for 56% of all emails sent. Therefore, your emails need to be optimised for better readability, especially if the majority of your emails are being opened on portable devices. This will require research but it’s well-worth doing so that you don’t isolate an entire market. Mobile usage is not going to fade away. It’s here to stay with technological developments taking place every day, so you really must move with the times.



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