True or False? 3 Commodity Conspiracy Theories

When considering topics to focus on for this week’s article, the Contentworks office was divided between something to do with conspiracies and commodities trading. We merged the topics and jotted down some of our favourite commodity conspiracy theories! We are open minded here and would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the topics covered!

1. Fort Knox is actually cleaned out

Fort Knox, a US army military base in rural Kentucky, is supposed to contain around half of the US’ gold reserves — that’s about 147.34 million troy ounces (4,583 metric tons) of the precious yellow stuff. Today, that amount is worth an eye-watering $278 billion.

2. Silver’s value is being driven down deliberately

Okay, this is a bit of a wild one.

3. Operation Iraqi Freedom Oil

Following 9/11, President George W. Bush sanctioned the US invasion of Afghanistan with the aim of toppling the Taliban regime which had supported perpetrators al-Qaeda and their leader Osama bin Laden.

Trading conspiracies

We are big fans of unbiased research and collating a mix of sources before forming an opinion. As a trader, it’s important to do your research, but it’s also vital to remember that it’s a minefield out there.

Top trading events this week

There’s a fair bit going on this week, here’s when and where you need to tune in.


● No major events are planned.


EUR — Germany, GDP Growth Rate YoY Final (Q1)


NZD — Interest Rate Decision; RBNZ Press Conference


EUR — Germany, GfK Consumer Confidence (JUN)


USD — Core PCE Price Index YoY (APR); PCE Price Index YoY (APR); Michigan Consumer Sentiment Final (MAY)

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