What’s In Store For Q4?

Prediction time

We’ve dusted off our financial crystal ball and we’re casting our minds into the near future. Here’s a few things we think may happen in Q4.

The long-awaited recession

This one has been coming for a while, hasn’t it? Unfortunately, we’re way overdue and many analysts believe that the next recession will finally hit land in Q4 — starting in the US.

Government energy intervention in Europe

Worries over gas and oil supplies following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February have been a core theme of 2022’s story. Energy bills have been rising for households across Europe as a result of restrictions placed on trading with Russia.


The government has announced a relief package worth €200bn, which includes a cap on gas prices for consumers and businesses, running until March 2024.


In January, the French government forced the state-owned energy provider, EDF, to cap price rises at 4% for a year, at a cost of €8.4bn. The government plans to reduce energy consumption by 10% — with plans even including introducing a speed limit for ski lifts and producing less artificial snow. How specific is that?!


The UK government has brought in a cap on energy unit prices, which means a typical household bill for gas and electricity will be around £2,500 per year. That’s been estimated to potentially cost the government up to £150bn over the next two years.

A weakening dollar

The USD recently shot up to a 20 year high, reaching equal-footing with the euro and almost reaching parity with GBP.

What have you got?

How are you feeling about Q4? Do you have any predictions? Let us know at @_contentworks; and please start following us while you’re there!

Top trading events this week

There’s a fair bit going on this week, here’s when and where you need to tune in.


No major events are scheduled.


● AUD — Westpac Consumer Confidence Index (OCT)


● GBP — GDP 3-Month Avg (AUG); GDP YoY (AUG)


● EUR — German Inflation Rate YoY Final (SEP)


● CNY — Inflation Rate YoY (SEP)



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