What’s Keeping Traders Up At Night?

Losing sleep? No wonder!

Here are the top 4 issues on most traders minds right now.

#1 The impending recession

Ever growing fears of the impending, and long overdue, next recession are sure to be weighing on traders minds in the early hours.

#2 Ukraine

This needs no introduction. Now 4-months into the conflict in Ukraine, uncertainty in the markets is still abound. The economic sanctions that have been placed on Russia have really shaken up the markets too.

#3 Oil prices

Oil prices are continuing to rise, not least because of the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

#4 More Covid Restrictions

We couldn’t not mention this. Despite the fact that lockdowns and restrictions are well behind us, variants are still being touted as a threat to the freedom of movement. UK infections are reportedly on the rise, up 30% week on week.

How are you sleeping?

Do you agree with our list, or is anything else worrying you right now? Let us know by tweeting us at @_contentworks.

Top fundamental events this week

It looks like a relatively quiet week ahead. Here are all of the must-watch events to look out for.


No significant events are expected. Monday is the July 4th holiday in the USA.


● AUD — RBA Interest Rate Decision


● USD — ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI (JUN); FOMC Minutes


● CAD — Balance of Trade (MAY)


● CAD — Employment Change (JUN); Unemployment Rate (JUN)



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